Special Needs

At Just One Wheel our program is just that.

People With Special Needs Having Fun!
Every Wednesday, classes are held at 6:00pm and 7:00pm. Each class is one hour and activities include: riding a unicycle on our adaptive trainers, unicycle lessons, pogo sticks, walking the slackline, balance boards, cup stilts and so much more… All activities focus on building a strong core and give all the opportunity to do something in which they never thought possible.
al needs having a great time!
The FUN doesn’t stop there; we also play sports on a unicycle, including basketball and hockey. It’s guaranteed to be a life altering experience for all, and we have seen nothing but positive results mentally, physically and socially. Our professional staff has over 25yrs of parenting experience with special needs children, along with being owners of a state licensed daycare facility in Plainview, Long Island.

We also host Special Needs Birthday parties, which are guaranteed to be SPECIAL!
People With Special Needs Having Fun!

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