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America’s Got Talent Audition!

” The sky is the limit for Ikey and Ziggy Cohen. The brothers, 4 and 6 years old, respectively, spin around the room on their unicycles.

“We’re only nervous when we are on the ground,” says Ziggy. “Once we are on our unicycles, we’re not scared at all.”

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On The Today Show! Sara Haines Learns How To Ride A Unicycle


On The Dr. Oz Show!


JOIN US THIS Presidents Day, February 18th 12 -5pm NY Unicycle Club visits Just One Wheel

Look how fun last year’s visit was!


Great Neck Public Schools


Adam and Renie,

I am writing this letter to say thanks, but there is so much more to it! I am so pleased that we, the Great Neck School District, and you, at Just One Wheel, have forged a partnership and relationship. It has added a new dimension to our Special Education Outdoor Education Program for which I am the coordinator.

As you already know, this is my 20th year in the district. I taught Health Ed. for 13 years, along with coaching various sports. Gerry Barsky, the creator of the Outdoor Ed. program spoke to me as he was getting ready to retire. He felt that I would be the right person to take over the position. Well, as fate would have it, I applied, interviewed, and started my new position.

When I took over the position, I wanted to expand on what was already in place. Now, seven years in, I work with 12 different groups of special ed. students throughout the district. Their disabilities, or shall I say, their abilities are varied from group to group and even within the groups.

Let’s get to you: I am always looking to find new and different places to take the students. Currently, we visit various museums, kayak, canoe, participate in archery and Project Adventure, rock climb, hike, bowl, learn to cook, travel training and even trapeze school and so much more! Then came the Newsday article about Just One Wheel. I said to myself – “I have to see this! It sounds like this would be great for our groups”. Then I see a colleague from the district, Amy F., and she asks me if I ever heard of you place. I replied that I did and was planning to visit over February break. Then she goes on to tell me that you you were neighbors, she brought her child there and it is the coolest experience – and she gave me your card! Forget about waiting til February break to visit. I had to see this!

I was immediately blown away and the wheels started to spin in my head – you could smell the wood burning! Adam and Renie, you are two of the most accommodating, caring, kind and innovative people
I have ever met. Your knowledge, expertise and professionalism are incredible. I feel we immediately clicked mainly because we have similar goals – offering new and unique experiences to people, and
helping others to achieve. Let’s not leave this out – HAVE FUN – CREATE FUN – FEEL PROUD OF WHAT YOU CAN DO!

I have only brought one grup thus far, but we have five more trips scheduled this Spring. The first trip was a huge success. This group was so limited, yet their smiles told the bigger story. It was a day that will not be soon forgotten! I can’t wait to bring the other groups. They are going to be exposed to such a great experience and they will be taught by two great instructors. They will find success and they will feel better about themselves. Self-esteem will be raised and they will be telling all of their friends about their experience. I am so happy we found you and I have Newsday and Amy F. to thank! The Great Neck School District is quite pleased with this find and the district is supportive. Without their support, there would be no program.

Thank you so much for everything. I am looking forward to expanding this and expose more students to Just One Wheel. You guys are the best!

Paul E. Ziring
Spec. Ed. Outdoor Ed. Coordinator
Great Neck Public Schools




NYUC Rolls On Just One Wheel

J1W February Visit 18

A bunch of  New York Unicycle Club members spent their Presidents day holiday visiting the Just One Wheel’s balance facility.

The recently opened facility run by Adam and Renie Cohen, is designed not just for unicycling but, is devoted to the sport of balance. We were all delighted to ride around and try the different balance devices available.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Ziggy has lost his title as the youngest unicyclist in the northeast to his younger brother Ikey.   Ikey was riding around (video) room as a solid level one unicyclist. He can even free mount his little 16 inch unicycle. We were hoping for more club members to take advantage of the opportunity to ride indoors. Particularly some of members that are new to unicycling. But there is always next time. Be on the look out for another invitation coming in the fall to experience the fun of balance at their facility located in Plainview Long Island.  Check out my earlier article for more details and links regarding Just One Wheel. Click on the photo above for a slide show of the rest of the photos made available on our Flickr site.




Wall Of Fame: Evan – Age 7


Wall Of Fame: Max – Age 10


Wall Of Fame: Hailey – Age 10

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